After each course is held, we ask our Trainees to complete an anonymous evaluation. We are always keen to improve and believe that by allowing the respondents to remain unidentified we will receive more constructive results. We take feedback seriously and review our courses every 3 months.

Here's what Trainees are telling us about our Training. What will you be saying? 

For me it was finding other people who think in a similar manner, or approach organisation in a similar manner. I never realised that other people would pay for someone to organise their stuff or understood how to value that skill in myself. So for me the ‘a-ha’ moment was a little peek into a future filled with passionate people, storage catalogues and order. This was enabled, I believe, by the supportive environment Sarah created and her genuine care and mentoring.
— Absolute Beginners
Sarah is not only an amazing trainer but a beautiful person. Thank you so much for delivering the training and for helping me to believe in myself and my ability to one day be working full time doing what is my bliss. Thank you so much Sarah ... you are a true professional and a delight.
— Absolute Beginners
Meeting Sarah in person and being with other like minded people.She is the first Professional Organiser I have met and one day I hope to be as successful as she is. Sarah portrayed her passion for the industry (which is very small here in New Zealand) and she sells it well. I also feel more confident knowing she would be my first point of contact if I needed some advice on anything to do with Professional Organising. Thankyou Sarah.
— Absolute Beginners
I went in expecting that the training may have taken a one-size-fits-all approach but I was very wrong! The trainer sought my feedback throughout the day and focused on specific areas of interest to me. She was also very open and honest about the realities of working in the industry and with various clients. It was very thorough, considered and well presented. The realisation that whilst small business comes with challenges, professional organising is something that I really want to do and it is a great industry to be involved in. Also my past experiences and skills mix will assist me in achieving success.
— Absolute Beginners
I really can’t thank you enough for today. I learned so much and have taken away so much that I will be able to apply to my business and help me become a better organiser.
— Next Step
Sarah’s relaxed but professional presenting style created a supportive environment perfect for learning to take place.
— Next Step

As if the evaluation form is not enough, we have those Trainees whose loveliness cannot help but spill out into an email. Here's just a sample of what we receive (and we are very appreciative of all of your feedback, thank you): 

I am writing this email to let you know how blown away I was by the course.

Firstly, you as a person are such inspiration. Your stories, your approach to life and the challenges it throws us, was truly amazing and eye opening.

For me, being sick and wearing my ‘pom poms’, it was true reassurance that everything in life is pretty good and that if I follow my passions and dreams I will actually succeed.

Then to the course. I have never in all my experiences and studies gained such knowledge in such a small amount of time as I did on Saturday. I don’t know if it was because I was learning about something I was really interested/ passionate about, or because that what I learnt was simply super informative.

You covered areas that I never thought existed, and some that are yet so basic, but play such a vital part in your business.

I was so excited to come home and bore my husband about how amazing it was, and indeed I did.

So I basically just want to say thank you for doing what you do, and supporting us ‘Absolute Beginners’. I will strongly recommend you and your services to everyone I know who is wanting to start a business to be be a Professional Organizer.

All the best for the year ahead. You will definitely see me at ‘The Next Step’.
— Carla Moore, Absolute Beginners, MELBOURNE
A quick note of thanks for the ‘Next Step’ training course. I enjoyed your presentation style and I gained good insight into many aspects of Professional Organising. You managed to provide practical tips specific to my circumstances. It was a privilege to learn from such an experienced organizer and entrepreneur.
— Louise Wallman, Next Step, PERTH

Louise's business is 'House Matters' and operates in Perth.

Statistics based on respondents feedback:

  • 100% Believe that the Training Manual is excellent quality
  • 100% Said that the Trainer responded to the group VERY effectively
  •   94% Agreed that the preparation, organisation and subject knowledge was above average
  •   92% Said that they 'learned loads' from their Training!
  •   84% Said that the course far exceeded or was better than expectation

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