Sarah Cottman, Australia's leading Professional Organiser, created the PROFESSIONAL ORGANISER TRAINING by Heavenly Order programme in 2009. This was borne out of a passion to share her knowledge & deep understanding of the professional organising industry as well as the value and impact that it can have on the lives of others.

Having founded Heavenly Order Organising in 2006, Sarah believes that anybody can be helped when it comes to being organised. However, for the industry to grow and thrive the way it should, it must be built by those who have so much passion for what they do that they want to give the very best customer service to their clients.

The Professional Organiser Training programmes have been carefully crafted to assist beginners and those who already have some experience in the industry. They will take their knowledge & skills to a level of deep connection and intuitive understanding of their clients needs. This way they can deliver a premium service with passion, every day, and feel the joy of running a successful and purpose filled business.